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Our services

Our goal is the fast and sustainable recovery of our patients.
To this end, we combine active and passive treatment options to create an individual therapy concept. The holistic treatment is always in the foreground for us.

Our range of therapies is aimed at patients with statutory and private health insurance.
All services are also available on a self-pay basis.


Manual therapy (MT)

“Manual therapy is used to restore or reduce reversible damage to joint function, spinal motion segments, damage to muscle function and pain relief through the application of targeted impulse-free mobilization or the use of soft tissue techniques” (§19 para 7, HeilM-RL).

General physiotherapy (KG, KG-CMD, KG-AT, KGG, KG-ZNS)

“Physiotherapy treatment methods and techniques are used in particular to treat diseases, injuries, consequences of injuries and functional disorders of the postural and locomotor organs as well as internal organs or organ systems and the nervous system with mobilizing and stabilizing exercises and techniques.

They serve to improve or restore damage to joint functions (joint mobility and stability), muscle functions (muscle strength, endurance, coordination and tone), as well as regulate respiratory function” (§19 para. 3, HeilM-RL).

Massage therapy (MA or KMT)

“Massage therapy is a measure performed while the patient is at rest, which causes active physical reactions. Massage therapy employs certain manual grasping techniques which, in a planned combined sequence depending on the tissue findings, directly influence the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, tendons and connective tissue, including their nerves, lymphatic and blood vessels, by means of mechanical stimulation” (§18 para. 1, HeilM-RL).


“Depending on the indication, both heat and cold applications have an analgesic effect, influence muscle tone and also have a reflex effect on internal organs. Cold applications also have an anti-inflammatory effect” (§24 para. 1, HeilM-RL).

We offer the following services:

  • Red light
  • Heat pack
  • Cold pack

Unser Motto ist: “Wir machen das, was wir sehr gut können und lassen das, was wir nicht können.“
If there is something we cannot do, we will be happy to refer you to colleagues, or experts from various professional fields such as doctors, occupational therapists, speech therapists, osteopaths and psychotherapists.

Literature references:
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Preventive measures

Extending therapy time

By extending the duration of treatment, you can ensure significantly faster and more lasting therapeutic success in most cases. This allows us to best treat you with what we believe is quality physical therapy. We will be happy to advise you on what options we can provide for this.

Holistic training consultation

Supportive advice, guidance for beginners, intermediate and professional athletes. Show incentives, optimize approaches, control or correct posture patterns. Increase effectiveness. Improve input and outcome.

Training therapy (individual & group)

Stabilizes the joints and supports the rehabilitation of damaged parts of the body. The resilience of the musculoskeletal system increases. Step by step you gain more confidence back in your body.

“Sustainable therapies for a better quality of life!”

Course programs

Of course, our course offerings always comply with the current Corona requirements of the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care.

Functional whole body training

In this class, we want to encourage your variety of movement by playfully using exercises on functional equipment as well as with your own body weight. Packed into a circuit workout modeled after currently popular workouts, this class will increase your overall endurance and strength performance and allow you to move more freely and diversely in your everyday life.
The course is suitable for all those who are looking for a physical and mental balance to their sedentary everyday life and who like to challenge themselves.


Everyone is talking about digitization. Telemedicine has already been practiced successfully in various countries for years. We as want to make these options available to our patients, especially in times of the Corona Pandemic.
The practice offers state-of-the-art technological solutions to enhance your well-being even faster inside and outside our facility. More information about this by phone and e-mail or directly in our practice.

BackFit/Strong Spine

In this class, you will regain confidence in your body’s abilities and increase your everyday resilience. The course offers functional strength exercises combined with mobilization exercises led by a physical therapist. The content is suitable for patients who have been suffering from back pain for a short or long time and for those who want to prevent it.

Heilpraktiker Physiotherapy

Due to Max Pfülb’s additional qualification as a sectoral alternative practitioner in the field of physiotherapy, our practice is allowed to diagnose and subsequently treat you as a patient without a doctor’s prescription.

In consultation with you, we determine the form of therapy and treatment time, which can enable us to achieve faster treatment success.

Should any ambiguities arise during the diagnosis that no longer relate to the field of alternative physiotherapy, we will of course refer you to a specialist.

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