Our experienced and highly qualified physiotherapists address your individual needs and create your personal therapy concept.


Max Nimmrichter - e3 Physiotherapie Erlangen

Max Nimmrichter

  • Training therapy management
  • State certified physiotherapist since 2019
  • Graduation 2021 B.Sc. Physiotherapy
  • Manual therapist
  • Numerous experiences in the field of training therapy (course instructor)
  • Crossfit athlet & Coach

“I see my role as helping each person discover their full potential. I’ve always found joy in exploring my personal limits in the athletic realm and now setting new standards in the professional realm.”

Maximilian Hafenbrädl - e3 Physiotherapie Erlangen

Maximilian Hafenbrädl

  • State certified physiotherapist since 2019
  • Manual therapist
  • Sectoral healer i.A.
  • Experience in the physiotherapeutic care of soccer teams

“For me, it’s important to educate each patient in detail about their problem, show them an individualized way back to more exercise, and guide the patient along the way.”

Marcus Broja - e3 Physiotherapie Erlangen

Marcus Broja

  • Sports scientist B.Sc.
  • State-certified physiotherapist
  • Physiotherapist B.Sc.
  • Fitness B-License

“I want to get to know you as a person, learn what your diagnosis means to you personally and how I can help you in that regard. Your body is adaptable. Together, we’ll develop a path to greater resilience and movement.”

Patrik Arapoglu - e3 Physiotherapie Erlangen

Patrik Arapoglu

  • State certified physiotherapist since October 2019
  • Lymph/KPE therapist since November 2019
  • Experience in physiotherapeutic care of powerlifters, olympic weightlifters and strongmen
  • Experience in strength and conditioning training of martial artists (esp. MMA and boxing).

“No human is a machine which needs spare parts or a “service”. I want to help my patients understand this and help you sustainably manage pain or injury.”

Niklas Neukirch - e3 Physiotherapie Erlangen

Niklas Neukirch

  • State certified physiotherapist since
  • Functional Training B-License TUM 2021
  • Lymphatic Drainage Certificate 2021
  • Manual therapist i.A.
  • Athletic trainer i.A.
  • Instructor C-License Children and
    youths 2015
  • DFB-Trainer-C-License 2017
  • Experience as a youth coach in soccer

“Health and well-being are not static states, but developments with many influencing factors. In these processes, I would like to support my patients in the best possible way.”

Benjamin Sieber - e3 Physiotherapie Erlangen

Benjamin Sieber

  • State certified physiotherapist since
  • Study Physiotherpaie (B.Sc. 2023)
  • Supervision of the handball team
    Brooklyn United (Bruck)
  • Physiotherapist for the Bayernkader
    Breakdance at the Landestanzverband
    Bavaria (LTVB)
  • Physiotherapist for the
    Germany Squad Breaking at the
    German Dance Association(DTV)

“My own e³ is: empathetic, ambitious, enthusiastic. Coupled with the e³ of the practice, I try to work with each person to achieve the best possible treatment outcome for them.”

Phil Woditsch - e3 Physiotherapie Erlangen

Phil Woditsch

  • State-certified physiotherapist since 2017
  • Advanced training KGG + athletic training
  • Advanced training KG-CNS
  • Advanced training in manual therapy
  • Experience in martial arts and powerlifting
  • MMA trainer and athlete

“Life is movement, without movement life is nothing. It’s difficult to break out of a stalemate, but once done, it’s worth the effort.“


Liv Stöth

  • State certified physiotherapist since October 2022
  • Sports physiotherapist i.A.
  • Physiotherapeutic care of the 1st Bundesliga team of HC-Erlangen since July
  • Athletic trainer mC-youth HC-Erlangen
  • Tennis coach license

“Unless you do the right things, right things will not happen to you.” (Sadhguru)

My motto in life and in physiotherapy. Health cannot be taken for granted, but I am convinced that one must actively contribute to its maintenance. With empathy, I want to get the patients to experience that it is their own activity that brings about positive change.

Björn Rudolph

Björn Rudolph

  • State-certified physiotherapist since October 2019
  • B. Sc. Applied Therapy Sciences since February 2022
  • Manual therapy i.A.
  • KG-CNS (Bobath) i.A.
  • Experience in physiotherapeutic care in athletics

“I see my task as providing patients with knowledge, approaches to solutions and suggestions for action about the impairment in question and supporting them on the path towards health.”


Maximilian-Pfülb - e3 Physiotherapie Erlangen

Maximilian Pfülb

  • Owner e³ physiotherapy
  • State certified physiotherapist since 2010
  • Manual therapist
  • Alternative practitioner in the field of physiotherapy
  • Fitness trainer
  • many years of experience in the care of athletes from competitive sports

“Besides being passionate about making people healthier, I love exercise, delicious food, and good conversation with friends and family.”

Kim Pichl - e3 Physiotherapie Erlangen

Kim Pichl

  • Training as office management assistant from 2017-2020 in a rehabilitation clinic
  • Receptionist in physiotherapy since 2021
  • Practice management

“I see my role as providing a knowledgeable resource for both patients and therapists.”

Eni Juhasz - e3 Physiotherapie Erlangen

Eni Juhasz

  • Study Health Management (BA 2023)
  • Yoga teacher
  • Fitness trainer B license
  • Social Media Management

“Health is EVERYTHING, because without health everything is NOTHING.”

Lisa Danker - e3 Physiotherapie Erlangen

Lisa Danker

  • Training as a dental assistant (ZFA)
  • Work as a ZFA in various
  • Commercial activities in the dental

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Sophie Göttmann - e3 Physiotherapie Erlangen

Sophie Göttmann

  • Apprenticeship as industrial clerk
  • B.A. Cultural Studies
  • Activities in administration, marketing and communication
  • Athletics swimming coach in training

“It’s never wrong to do the right thing.”

Theresa Finger

Theresa Finger

  • Study Tranlation Sciences
  • B. Sc. Psychology (2023)
  • Assistant at the chairs of methodology and health psychology.

“I am always fascinated by how much change we can bring about.”

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